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Erica & Sumr
November 18, 2018
This time around, Erica shut the pie hole a little bit more and moved on to enjoying her pussy getting licked and twitched. These two girls really seemed to enjoy one another. To finish it off on a good note, they got a sausage ready for them to bite at and went at it pretty good. The lucky bastard finished it all off on their pretty faces. Gotta love that!  -  8.00 of 10 ( 1135 votes )
Rosanna Rose
November 17, 2018
If you want to see an exotic girl swallow some cum, you've come to the right place. Rosanna Rose is a teen babe with a petite body and small tits. She enjoys sucking dick but getting fucked is even better. In this scene, she does it all and then some in a variety of positions. Rosanna gets it on with a big cock and she loves every minute of it. She swallows every last drop of cum that comes shooting at her.  -  8.05 of 10 ( 431 votes )
Mandy Valerie
November 17, 2018
Two hot roommates are just lounging around and having a good time. There are some toys on the bed that the one girl just bought. The small tit blonde has never even seen a strapon before, let alone use it. As the big busty brunette puts it on, the blonde bends over and gets ready for action. She fucks that strapon as if it's a real cock and even sucks it clean at the very end.  -  7.54 of 10 ( 239 votes )
Kobe Ray
November 16, 2018
When Kobe gets a little too hot and bothered at the office, there's only one thing that she can do. She grabs the phone and gives that customer the best service of his life! Getting off at the office always makes Kobe uncontrollably wet and hot!  - 
Brit & Taylor
November 16, 2018
Taylor was over with her friend Brit. They looked bored, not knowing exactly what to do... so I got them to suck some cock and put on a show for us. It was really good to see these two kiss and lick my cock. The only thing I wish is that I had a second cock to feed them both at the same time, but Brit made it right by licking Taylor clean a few times.  -  8.61 of 10 ( 2112 votes )
November 16, 2018
Pason is all smiles because she is about to do the one thing that she truly loves. Sucking Cock! This talented girl knows how to smoke a pole and doesn't waste any time spreading her lips wide and swallowing every inch of it. Her biggest smile comes after she's had her fill of cock and gets her face filled with a wad of cum.  -  8.48 of 10 ( 829 votes )
Katie Gold
November 15, 2018
Katie Gold is a really sexy blonde chick that loves to have anal sex. You would never expect a girl that looks this clean cut to be a total fiend for butt fucking but here she is. She likes it rough and fast with a facial at the end. This girl is a fuck machine.  -  8.51 of 10 ( 381 votes )
Soolyn Kelter
November 15, 2018
This Asian girl is about to get a big facial. In this very sexy scene, she shows off her big fake tits and her totally tan body, skinny and ripped! A man comes in and the fun really begins. Soolyn gets fucked on a staircase in a variety of crazy positions. She spreads her legs and takes what's coming to her from every angle. The facial she gets at the end is big, like the guy has been saving up cum for days!  -  8.45 of 10 ( 342 votes )