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February 21, 2019
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Maria Bellucci
February 20, 2019
Maria Bellucci is a sexy teacher with glasses and lots of cleavage. A student stays after school to thank her for her help and there's an instant sexual spark. Somehow, the two end up hooking up and the student even goes so far as to shove his black cock up her tight little ass. She loves getting banged and takes his cum on her face.  -  8.14 of 10 ( 903 votes )
Sandra Romain
February 20, 2019
Sandra Romain is a MILF that can capture the attention of any young guy. This young black gentleman comes over to fix her grill but it's obvious she wants something more out of him. She ends up getting a hard pounding in the ass like she's wanted for months now. Her husband just can't satisfy her anymore.  -  7.86 of 10 ( 793 votes )
February 19, 2019
Joleen is one of those girls who can't get enough and even though she may be a slut she still has a tight little box. She uses her mouth expertly when giving a blowjob to get her partner's cock to stand at attention before he slides it deep in her pussy. Even after a hard fucking you can still see how tiny her slit is.  -  8.55 of 10 ( 968 votes )
Jenni Lynn
February 19, 2019
Jenni Lynn is just 18 years old and out on her own for the first time ever. In between jobs, she has trouble paying the rent. Her landlord knocks on her door late one night and she has no money to give him. Luckily, she does have a smokin' body and a hot little mouth. Those things combined by her a lot of time. She sucks the landlord's dick, swallows his cum, and gets a two month extension!  -  6.35 of 10 ( 342 votes )
Phoenix Ray
February 18, 2019
Phoenix gets so turned on using her telescope to spy on unsuspecting people that she starts using her hand to rub her pussy. She soon ends up in the bathtub to masturbate where she's joined by a horny man. She immediately goes to work sucking and stroking his cock until he blows a load for her.  -  8.36 of 10 ( 698 votes )
February 18, 2019
Tala is definitely the kind of girl that you want for a friend. She's a smoking hot blonde with a body to die for and she puts out. She is quick to open her mouth and swallow a fat cock. But, she doesn't stop there as she climbs aboard and slides her wet pussy down onto her "friends" hard cock and gives him a hard fucking.  - 
February 18, 2019
Martina is a blonde that's trashy as hell. She loves sucking cock and fucking strange men is a thrill. She gets down on her knees in between a naked man's legs and starts going for the gold. Soon the man is ready to burst and he does it on her upper lip.  -  6.54 of 10 ( 231 votes )